BORD & PILLAR MINING •Currently, most of CIL mines using Bord & Pillar remove coal from the face by blasting & deploy SDL or LHD for loading and transportation of coal in the active mining areas. •Coal transportation to surface is either by a series of belt conveyors or rope haulage drawn coal tubs.

Development of a model to estimate strata behavior during

2022-03-26 · The study deals with modern strata management, mainly strata control monitoring with analysis of roof–floor convergence, monitored induced stress, and assessment of ultimate mining-induced stress, preferably the vertical component during final extraction in a bord and pillar conventional Indian underground coal mine, Govinda Colliery, a mine of South Eastern …

Bord And Pillar Coal Mining

Bord And Pillar Coal Mining. Characterization of coal mine panels in bord and pillar working parameters have been divided into three broad groups viz. i panel specifics ii environment and iii coal and seam characteristics. To determine the fire risk rating of an individual group separate objective type models have been.

New Age Exploration Limited

2022-09-25 · An additional 7 Mt3 of coal resource in the Six Foot Seam between 200m and 400m depth of cover also has the potential to be mined via the Bord & Pillar method. The Exploration Target within the Lochinvar North licence may also offer potential for Bord and Pillar mining, subject to further exploration and confirmation of resources.

Dartbrook coal mine finally wins five-year extension

2022-03-15 · Australian Pacific Coal has been granted a five-year extension for mining operations at Dartbrook coal mine following Kayuga seam using the first workings bord-and-pillar method as an

Depillaring: Arrangement, Precautions and Pillar

After pillars have been formed on the bord and pillar system, consideration has to be given to the extraction of coal from the pillars; the operation is known as pillar extraction. It is also referred to as depillaring, pillar-cutting or broken working.

v117n3a2 Factors and challenges affecting coal recovery by

When bord-and-pillar mines reach their end of life, coal pillars are inevitably left unmined. A forecast can be made as to the feasibility of effective, efficient, and responsible utilization of the reserves remaining in previously mined-out areas (Schalekamp, 2022). …


and pillar development as well as depillaring methods. In underground coal mines, bord and pillar is one of the oldest method used for extraction of flat and tabular coal seams. Pillars are left behind to support the roof and preventing it from collapse. To increase the utilization of coal, the pillars are extracted after development known

Board & Pillar?

2022-02-07 · Plus if your working under cities/towns reservoirs and other sensitive areas, Bord and Pillar is the only way to extract coal. It does have drawbacks, in that it is hard to ventilate, you only get around 50% max extraction rates. It's not all that long ago when all coal in the UK was extracted by Bord and Pillar.

Coal mining

2022-04-19 · Operating in a "room and pillar" (also known as "bord and pillar") system—where the mine is divided into a series of 20-to-30-foot (5–10 m) "rooms" or work areas cut into the coalbed—it can mine as much as 14 tons of coal a minute, more than a non-mechanised mine of the 1920s would produce in an entire day.


Figure 7: Pillar stability graph showing examples of failed pillars from hard-rock mines (Esterhuizen, 2022). 14 Figure 8: Alternative empirical coal pillar strength formulae (Kumar and Sing, 2022) 14 Figure 9: Presence of weak clay layers in the pillars at Wonderkop mine. 15

Bord And Pillar Coal Mining Ppt

2022-8-27productivity -pillar mining tional bord-and-pillar mining methods. Thealternatives are opencast methods where the coal seams are rela-tively shallow andthick andpanel andlongwall mining methods fordeeper coalseams. Thearea ofapplication ofopencast methods islargely determined bythe sie ofthe coal deposit and the coal-to-waste ratio.

bord and pillar coal mining

The underground mining methods we use include room and pillar narrow vein stoping and large-scale mechanised mining Room and pillar mining is a style of mining where tunnels are driven in a chess board pattern with massive square pillars between them which are gradually cut away as the work proceeds We use this for mining coal

An evaluation of the equipment used in South Africa for

The bord-and-pillar method of mining is used in South Africa to extract more than 60 per cent of the coal from thin seams!. The total production accounted for by this tech-nique of mining in narrow seams is, however, small. In 1981, there were only fourteen mechanized production sections in South Africa in which the bord-and-pillar

Coal Mining on the Highveld and its Implications for

Bord and pillar: in this form of mining only a portion of the coal is extracted, the rest being left in place as pillars to support the overlying rocks. Towards the end of mining, pillars may be partially extracted (pillar robbing) to recover

Bord And Pillar Coal Mining

lochinvar (coking coal) – uk – new age exploration limited. An additional 7 Mt of coal resource in the Six Foot Seam between 200m and 400m depth of cover also has the potential to be mined via the Bord & Pillar method; The Exploration Target within the Lochinvar North licence may also offer potential for Bord and Pillar mining, subject to further exploration and confirmation of …

What is mine subsidence?

Bord and pillar mine workings were often shallow but left supporting structures after mining. Coal extraction may have occurred over 150 years ago. Many homes are built over old non-active mines that may never be impacted by subsidence as the old mine workings are considered stable. Occasionally, parts of the old mine workings collapse

bord and pillar mining working photos

bord and pillar coal mining. bord and pillar coal mining PE Jaw Crusher PE series jaw crusher is usually used as primary crusher in quarry production lines, mineral ore …

Dartbrook Modification 7 Bord and Pillar Mining and 5 year

The modification is to use bord and pillar mining instead of the original long wall. It also seems because the tunnel is considered too expensive to rehabilitate the company are proposing to truck the coal across their road to just short of the New England highway and drop it down to a shortened conveyor belt.

bord and pillar coal mining

Design of Bord and Pillar method in coal mines. One of the oldest method of mining is Bord and Pillar. It is method in which the mined material is extracted across horizontal plane while leaving pillars of untouched material to support the overburden leaving open areas or …

Room and pillar mines, Mining Techniques, Underground

Room and pillar. Room and pillar is also known as bord and pillar is a mining system in which the mined material is taken out across a horizontal plane while leaving "pillars" of unscathed material to support the overstrain leaving open regions or "rooms" underground.

coal production by bord and pillar india

Essay on the Environmental problems in coal mining areas. Underground mining predominantly by board and pillar methods accounts for most of the production Nature of Environment Problem ADVERTISEMENTS Amongst the multiple adverse impacts of coal mining on the environment subsidence damages ravages of mine fires and air and water pollution are severe in the …

A laboratory study of backfilling bord and pillar voids

safe development of areas underlain by bord and pillar underground coal workings. Fly ash injection into underground coal workings has been trialled at a few underground coal mines in Australia (including Awaba, as part of an ACARP Project C7033, 2022) and at mines in South Africa, the United Kingdom and Germany.


Miner technology is being applied with success in many mines and there is a need to popularize and establish these as predominant underground technology especially for mass production. Continuous Miner The continuous miner technology in board and pillar mining is the ideal decision for achieving mass production in

Factors and challenges affecting coal recovery by opencast

Opencast pillar mining requires maximizing coal recovery in order to be competitive in the market, since a portion of the resource has already been extracted. Exposure and recovery of the coal are crucial in reducing coal losses and dilution due to the coal pillars and voids, and challenges experienced during the mining of pillars from surface.


2022-04-30 · car needs to undertake in a room and pillar mine. The results show a minimum success ratio of 70%. KEYWORDS: Mining industry, autonomous navigation, shuttle car, room and pillar mining, coal mining . Vasileios Androulakis . 04/30/2022 Date

Operating in a room and pillar also known as bord and

Retreat mining • Thbis a method in which the pillars or coal ribs used to hold up the mine roof are extracted; allowing the mine roof to collapse as the mining works back towards the entrance. • This is one of the most dangerous forms of mining, owing to imperfect predictability of when the roof will collapse and possibly crush or trap workers in the mine.

v118n2a9 Modelling coal pillar stability from mine survey

Modelling coal pillar stability from mine survey plans in a geographic information system by M. Mathey !+-$,1, A practical method for analysing the individual stability of large numbers of pillars in bord-and-pillar workings based on mine survey plans is outlined. The procedure aims at modelling pillar safety factors and failure


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