Acid mine drainage in Australia: Its extent and potential

About the report The oxidation of sulphidic mine wastes and the consequent release of acid mine drainage and acid rock drainage, is one of the main strategic environmental issues facing the mining industry. The production of broken waste rock and tailings by mining operations can expose large amounts of pyrite and other sulphides to the effects of water and oxygen.

Mining waste

 · Mining waste comes from extracting and processing mineral resources. It includes materials such as topsoil overburden (which are removed to gain access to mineral resources), and waste rock and tailings (after the extraction of the valuable mineral). Background. Some of this waste is inert and unlikely to damage the environment.


13/09/2022 · Understanding the origin of acid mine drainage (AMD) in a closed mine and groundwater flow system around the mine aids in developing strategies for environmental protection and management. AMD has been continuously collected and neutralized at Osarizawa Mine, Akita Prefecture, Japan, since the mine was closed in the 1970s, to protect surrounding …

Mineral phases and mobility of trace metals in white

The white aluminum precipitates (S1,S2,S4-1,S4-2) collected at three different locations affected by acid mine and rock drainage were studied to characterize the mineral phases and mobility of trace metals. Chemical analysis, XRD, SEM, NMR, and sequential extraction method were mainly used. XRD data …

Sustainable rehabilitation of mining waste and acid mine

01/08/2022 · 1. Environmental contamination by mining waste and acid mine drainage. Intensive mining activities have produced a vast amount of hazardous wastes throughout the world, which are commonly associated with high content of acid generating sulfide minerals, and potentially toxic metals and metalloids (PTMs),


30/04/2022 · The environmental problems generated by waste from the mining industry in the mineral extraction for business purposes are known worldwide. The aim of this work is to evaluate the microalga Muriellopsis sp. as a potential remover of metallic ions such as copper (Cu 2+), zinc (Zn 2+) and iron (Fe 2+), pollutants of acid mine drainage (AMD) type

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(PDF) Acid mine drainage

Acid mine drainage from an abandoned sulphide mine in Smolnik, with the flow rates of 5–10 L s−1 and a pH of –, flows into Smolnik creek and adversely affects the stream's water

Scientists Have Discovered How To Extract Rare Earth

14/08/2022 · The paper noted that the acid mine drainage (AMD) from coal mining operations in the Appalachian area could be rich in REEs due to the high concentration of the minerals there.

acid mine drainage in mineral extraction

Environmental indicators for acid mine drainage advances . Environmental indicators for acid mine drainage advances in and Cooperative Research Centre for Optimising Resource Extraction, Australia Abstract Environmental indicators are measures to track changes in the quality of the air, water, land and ecological development of mineral resources.

Acid Mine Drainage

Acid mine drainage describes a natural process produced when the mining activities expose sulfur-bearing minerals (mostly iron sulfides) to atmospheric oxygen, moisture, and acidophilic iron-oxidizing bacteria, resulting in sulfuric acid, dissolved iron, and precipitation of ferric hydroxide. The sulfuric acid dissolves heavy metals from mined

Novel Method to Retrieve Rare Earth Elements from Acid

06/08/2022 · Aug 6 2022. According to researchers at Penn State, a new method for treating acid mine drainage (AMD) could enable the conversion of the environmental pollution issue into a vital domestic source of the critical rare earth elements that are required for the manufacture of technology varying right from smartphones to fighter jets.

Constructed Wetlands for Treating Acid Mine Drainage

Constructed Wetlands for Treating Acid Mine Drainage. By Kathryn Smith . Introduction . The mining industry has felt the burden of both negative environmental criticism and strong governmental regulations. In the past, mineral extraction and processing has been a source of many contaminants entering our water, soil, and air.

Mining and water pollution -- heavy metals, acid mine drainage

24/02/2022 · Acid mine drainage is the thing which happens when the sulphides contained in some rock are exposed to air and generate H2SO4. If it is present in the liquid that we use for drinking or other activities, H2SO4 exercises a toxic harm on the aquatic creatures and cannot be removed easily.

New acid mine drainage treatment turns waste into valuable

A new way to treat acid mine drainage could help transform the environmental pollution problem into an important domestic source of the critical rare earth elements needed to produce technology ranging from smart phones to fighter jets, according to Penn State scientists.

New acid mine drainage treatment turns waste into valuable

05/08/2022 · "Acid mine drainage has been a significant environmental concern for many decades," said Mohammad Rezaee, assistant professor of mining engineering in the College of Earth and Mineral Sciences at

Acid Mine Drainage: the case of the Lafayette mine, Rapu

Acid mine drainage will ultimately be neutralised by the sea, unless it is already neutralised. The ochre (orange precipitate) may be formed as the stream enters the sea, or that formed in the stream may be washed in to the sea ( during peak stream flows).

Extraction and Processing of Minerals & the Environmental

 · Surface mining is destructive to landscapes because it can cause changes in the topography and drainage Abandoned coal mines lead to acid mine drainage, Mining is the removal of minerals

Legislation & policy: mine waste

There is also a growing problem of rising acid minewater as more mines are closed. Mine waste is called 'Mineral working deposit' in the Town and Country Planning Act 1990 and is defined as 'any deposit of material remaining after minerals have been extracted from land or otherwise deriving from the carrying out of operations for the

How can metal mining impact the environment?

Where acid rock drainage occurs, the dissolution and subsequent mobilization of metals into surface and groundwater is probably the most significant environmental impact associated with metallic sulfide mineral mining. Acidic and metal-bearing groundwater occurs in abandoned underground mine workings and deeper surface excavations that

Sustainable rehabilitation of mining waste and acid mine

Acid mine drainage (AMD) is an acidic solution generated when sulfide minerals, mainly pyrite (Fe 2 S), in mining waste are naturally oxidized in the presence of water, atmospheric air and

Acid and Metalliferous Drainage

acid into surrounding water systems, which can in turn dissolve rock and leach metals and acid into the environment. These issues can cause long-term damage and be costly to rectify. Therefore, a key component of mine site planning is characterising the potential of acid mine drainage across the lifespan of a mine. Static and Kinetic Testing

Acid Mine Drainage

Acid mine drainage (AMD) is the runoff produced when water comes in contact with exposed rocks containing sulfur-bearing minerals that react with water and air to form sulfuric acid and dissolved iron. This acidic run-off dissolves heavy metals including copper, lead, and mercury which pollute ground and surface water.

Mine drainage: Remediation technology and resource recovery

Mine drainage is one of the biggest environmental issues facing both the mineral extraction industry and natural resource management agencies across the globe. While the prevention of AMD formation is generally considered to be the best

Alternative regeneration of chemicals employed in mineral

poration was replaced by extraction technique, with 33% of CO2 sequestered by using a S/L ratios of 300 g/l. Keywords: Ammonium salt • CO2 fixation • CCS • mineral carbonation • separation Nomenclature AMD - Acid Mine Drainage AS - Ammonium Sulphate MC - Mineral carbonation CCS - CO2 Capture and Storage

Acid Mine Drainage in Mineral Extraction-XSM

Acid-Mine-Drainage-in–Mineral-Extraction. The types of mine waste problems are numerous, but the most difficult one to address is the acid mine drainage (AMD) that emanates from both surface and underground workings, waste and development rock, and tailings piles and ponds (Durkin and Herrmann, 1994).

Minerals and Mine Drainage

Download Citation | Minerals and Mine Drainage | A review of the literature published in 2022 on topics relating to acid mine drainage (AMD) or acid …

An Explanation of Acid Mine Drainage

13/11/2022 · Where Acid Mine Drainage Happens . It mostly occurs where mining is done to extract coal or metals from sulfur-bearing rocks. Silver, gold, copper, zinc, and lead are commonly found in association


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